Tunnocks - Checking horizontal leads

Wed 04 Aug 2010

Showed Chris and Andy the head of String Theory and carried their gear (Chris put spits in for the first traverse; second one is okay on naturals). Then had a look at the ?C on Max Pleasure on RHS - too tight and the ?B (accessed via Just For a Laugh) close to ?C on L near Starfish Junction got a vocal and light connection through a boulder choke. There is some black space above - probably just to same place too so downgrade this to QMC at most. Then to Julian's 12s rattle just N of Crossword Passage. Neil put in a handbolt and went down a short distance where not really enough room to pit in another handbolt so downgrade this to QMC. Meanwhile Julian and I surveyed the tube up (a QMB?) which went to a small pitch (via tight, drafty passage) which is close to Crossword Passage. Maybe QMC? Finally had a look at the ?B just NW up from Starfish near some choke - probably still hasn't been pushed and then looked at p20 in Just For a Laugh before rift. Again, probably still undescended.