136 - Steinschlagschacht

Wed 04 Aug 1999

Down to Lost in Space and looked at Left Route. Down Jon's 4m pitch and Earl + Phil's 10m pitch. Brian + I rigged to the 2 alternative bottoms entirely on naturals (!) as it wasn't _too_ steep. Brian's way went to a deadend chamber. My way got all clean-washed + drippy + ended in a too-tight rift. Sigh. Higher up there was a Grade C QM up a steep mud climb, looked like there could be a pitch down the other side &/or a tube heading off horizontally - but I climbed up to the same level as the tube & it looked mud-filled under the glare of my dodgy yellow electric. [IMAGE - MISSING] Earl + Jon surveyed out + detackled. Brian went up a climb at the top of Jon's pitch (ie. at the end of the big rift chamber v. near Andy's pitch). Loose & didn't lead to anything promising. Had a third attempt at re-rigging Andy's 6m upclimb more sensibly + bodged it again - doesn't seem to be any easy way to do it. Brian went down the hole in the floor directly below Andy's upclimb. Went to a chamber under the boulder floor with no draught + no obvious way on. Turned round + went home, taking out 60m rope and a tonne of hangers.