161 - France

Fri 22 Jul 1994

France - Pushed a ridge (rift ?) at the end of 'Fudge Brownie'. Found it linked to previous shaft surveyed by Steve. Rock _very_ unstable but what's new ? [Julian, Martin + Heather]

Mean while, Anthony + Ali went - to Skeleton in the Cupboard (pitch at end of Infinite Improbability Drive) to connect the survey with Fat Not Fruity at Julian's suggestion. Julian is a fat bastard. The pitch (rigged off two shit French bolts, one barely adequate French bolt and a dubious natural) was a little drippy at the top and a _miserable pissing waterfall_ at the bottom. Five damp survey legs later we ran away and met up with the others, including Julian, who was nice and dry. AJD.

On the way up - Heather nearly killed everyone by knocking off a ginormous rock - and both her lights died - but she got there in the end (eventually). TU 7½ hr

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