CUCC Expo Prospecting Handbook

Abbreviations for landmarks

The following standard abbreviations are used when recording bearings, for example to locate a newly-discovered entrance.

VSKVord Schwarzmooskogel (this is multi-summited and not terribly useful)
HSKHinter Schwarzmooskogel - either only one summit is apparent, or we don't know which summit was used
HSKl/HSKrLH and RH peaks of the above
BSBräuning Scharte
BWBräuning Wall (two peaks lower than BZ)
BWe/BWwLH (point 1828) and RH (point 1835) peaks of the above (see near and far views for clarification)
BZBräuning Zinken
NipVSK nipple
OAVOAV marker pole
<year>TCTop camp in relevant year
KWKBearings taken by Kate to the "Kleine Wehr Kogel" a hill which is unfortunately invisible from the plateau! It turns out that this is actually Klein Wildkogel - but transcripts of original documents will still use this abbreviation.