Expo 2021: Who and When

This page says who is coming, when and how.

Fill yourself in in the top who/dates table. Hopefully the formatting is fairly obvious. (You'll need to use the 'HTML' button to add a new row if there are no empty rows.)

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Neither the dates nor the people are real - here as an example only


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Name         Duration    Week1
Jul 18-25
Jul 26-Aug 1
Aug 2-8
Aug 9-15
Aug 16-22
Someone 3 weeks no no yes yes yes Paid  
 Michael Holliday  2-3 weeks  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Not yet  Currently flexible, but will probably come for the start and stay 2-3 weeks.
 Wassil Janssen  2-3 weeks  depends depends depends depends depends  Not yet  I'll have to see when I can come, but I guarantee I will.
 Tom Crossley  2-3 weeks  -  -  - -  -  Not Yet  Have not yet planned my summer but very flexible. Will try to come when it looks like there is a deficit of people to keep numbers more even
 Wookey  2 weeks              Flexible. Will default to start. Could bring van if needed but prefer train/lift.


Fill in modes and dates if known

List of vehicles

Who         OutBackComments
Tom Crossley Car 1 - Car 1 -

Nothing currently planned, see above.

Will be driving, have four seats (including me) and a roof box.