East of Schwarzmooskogel/Augst-Eck ridge to Wildensee

Beyond the much-explored area containing Stellerweghöhle and the Schwarzmooskogeleishöhle, SE facing slopes dropping from the long Schwarzmooskogel to Augst-Eck ridge continue for another 3km. The steep cliff band of Weiße Wand below the Stögerweg path is replaced by more broken cliffs above the path as it drops down from the southern slopes of Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel to the pass of Hochklapfsattel at the head of the cirque behind the Altausseer See.

This path passes through an impressive 170m deep doline on its way to Wildensee, following roughly the line of the major fault which separates the limestone block of our area 1623 from the adjacent 1624 area to the SE. The Wildensee hutte and Youth Hostel are in a relatively level area of mainly bare karren, separated from the bare rounded ridge of Augst-Eck by steeper wooded slopes. Although there is no path here, the map shows a ski route ascending from the huts to the Augst-Eck and Grieß kogel ridge, from where it would be possible to return to the Toll road across the plateau.

Almost all the known caves of the area lie east of the Vorderer Schwarzmooskogel, at the top break of slope of the broken craggy zone. Explored in the 1950s, they are possibly most easily approached from the col by Kaninchenhöhle. Other caves lie very close to the Wildensee Alm, as there appears to have been very little exploratory effort anywhere in the area.
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114Verlorenschacht 114
134Höhlenruine bei der Wasserstelle