Wallets for Katey Bender

Each wallet contains the scanned original in-cave survey notes and sketches of plans and elevations. It also contains scans of centre-line survex output on which hand-drawn passage sections are drawn. These hand-drawn passages will eventually be traced to produce Tunnel or Therion drawings and eventually the final complete cave survey.

When you only have a survexfile

To create a wallet, if you have only a survex file but no notes to scan, you should upload the survexfile first. But before you can do that you will need to login (use the menu item at top-right of page).

Upload the survexfile using e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (for a survex file for cave 1623-290). You will cut and paste the survex file data into the window on the form.

While still logged-in, go to this page Create Wallet which will take you to the next unused wallet number page, and click the 'Create' button. This will not actually complete the creation of the wallet until you have also set the date for the wallet in the wallet edit form (which will appear when you press 'Create').

While editing the wallet you should enter in the form the url of the survexfile which you have just created at e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (see above).

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WalletWallet DateCaveWallet NameSurvex survey length S C Q N P E T W
2014#03 July 28, 2014 1623-258 Pidgeon Droppings 2 72m                
2014#06 July 30, 2014 1623-258 Trireme 26m                
2014#09 Aug. 1, 2014 1623-264 Balcony Entrance Pi… 21m                
2014#11 Aug. 4, 2014 1623-264 Room with a View 82m                
2014#12 Aug. 4, 2014 1623-264 Smash Crash                
2014#14 Aug. 5, 2014 1623-264 Pitpot 13m                
2014#15 July 29, 2014 1623-264 horizontal entrance 59m                
2016#32 July 11, 2016 1623-258 Song of the Earth: … 124m 389m 150m                
2016#41 July 18, 2016 258 Papaw Passage (Song… 30m                
2017#02 July 19, 2017 258 Aye, there's the rub 109m                
2017#05 July 22, 2017 264 Sloppy Seconds (par… 35m 60m                
2017#07 July 21, 2017 264 Sloppy Seconds 2 52m                
2017#15 July 27, 2017 258 Not the Beast 96m 56m 15m                

Note that names in italics are copied from the related survex file block name.

WalletWallet DateWallet NameTeam>CaveScansSurvex blocksDrawings using these scans
2014#03 July 28, 2014 Pidgeon Droppings 2 ['Katey Bender', 'Nat Dalton', 'Becka Lawson'] 1623-258 5 pigeondroppings2 (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#06 July 30, 2014 Trireme ['Andrea Futrell', 'Mike Futrell', 'Katey Bender', 'Michael Sargent'] 1623-258 3 trireme (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#09 Aug. 1, 2014 Balcony Entrance Pi… ['Katey Bender'] 1623-264 6 entrancepitch1 (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#11 Aug. 4, 2014 Room with a View ['Katey Bender', 'Noel Snape', 'Nathanael Dalton'] 1623-264 6 roomwithaview2 (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#12 Aug. 4, 2014 Smash Crash ['Nathanael Dalton', 'Noel Snape', 'Katey Bender'] 1623-264 5 (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#14 Aug. 5, 2014 Pitpot ['Katey Bender', 'Holly Bradley', 'Noel Snape'] 1623-264 3 pitpot (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2014#15 July 29, 2014 horizontal entrance ['Andrea Futrell', 'Katey Bender', 'Mike Futrell', 'Becka', 'Nat Dalton'] 1623-264 2 horizontalentrance (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2016#32 July 11, 2016 Song of the Earth: … ['Ian Peachey', 'Katey Bender', 'Rob Watson', 'Chris Densham'] 1623-258 17 part1 part2 part3 264-and-258/1623-lowertunnbalc.xml
2016#41 July 18, 2016 Papaw Passage (Song… ['Katey Bender', 'Elaine Oliver'] 258 3 papawpassage (no Tunnel drawings found: but there might be Therion drawings)
2017#02 July 19, 2017 Aye, there's the rub ['Chris Densham', 'Katey Bender', 'Elliott Smith'] 258 4 therestherub 264-and-258/1623-lowertunnbalc.xml
2017#05 July 22, 2017 Sloppy Seconds (par… ['Katey Bender', 'Adam Aldridge', 'Nathan Walker'] 264 6 slackerstidyup1 slackerstidyup2 264-and-258/1623-lowertunnbalc.xml
2017#07 July 21, 2017 Sloppy Seconds 2 ['Katey Bender', 'Adam Aldridge', 'Nathan Walker'] 264 2 sloppyseconds2 264-and-258/1623-uppertunnbalc.xml
2017#15 July 27, 2017 Not the Beast ['Katey Bender', 'George Breley'] 258 8 not_the_beast thebeastloop beastsideleads 264-and-258/1623-uppertunnbalc.xml