Wallet 2009#00

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Sub-folders here are not supported by troggle in 2022.

This online wallet does not yet exist.
It will be created and initialised automatically when you upload a file, and then edit the date in the form below and save it.
But you need to log in first Log In

To create a wallet, if you have only a survex file and nothing to upload into the wallet, you currently need to got to Upload Scans, navigate to the new wallet number and then upload a dummy file, e.g. 'nothingyet.txt'. You can then edit the wallet details: the date, the people involved, and the url of the survexfile which you will already have uploaded using e.g. /survexfile/caves-1623/290/mynewsurvex.svx (for a survex file for cave 1623-290).

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