Far plateau to Grieß Kogel and Augst-Eck

Beyond the comparatively accessible area of plateau just over the Schwarzmoossattel lies a vast area of limestone karren and dwarf spruce. Exploration is deterred by the lack of paths, almost complete absence of water supplies and possible places to camp and just general inaccessibility. This is the main area of CUCC exploration since 2000.

Clearer View from Bräning Nase View from Bräning Nase Clearer View from Bräning Nase

An area right at the far edge of the 1623 area, described as "SE face of Kleines Augst-Eck", may prove to mean the SE face of Nieder Augst-Eck, which could be included in the Schwarzmooskogel to Wildensee area, but this is sufficently uncertain that we treat it here.

Lancaster University Speleological Society held two expeditions (in 1987 and 1988) into an area on the very northern edge of 1623, and most caves they found were in the adjoining 1626 area. The approach to this area around Roßkogel was from the Wildenseehütte, after a long approach on foot from Grundlsee. LUSS produced good printed reports for each of their trips, and details are included of those finds which appear to be south of the rather ill-defined 1623/1626 "border".

The University of Bristol Speleological Society also held two small expeditions (in 1989 and 1990) into an area near the LUSS one. Unlike LUSS, they did not contact any member of CUCC (or, as far as we are aware, any of the Austrian cavers) for information, nor had we been able to obtain many details of their finds. However, Dan Harries sent a copy of their report on BS17 Organhöhle, whose description is included here and which CUCC revisted in 2017.

The list of caves below was up to date in about 1999.
110Kein Hubschrauber Höhle
132Tropfsteinhöhle am Augsteck