Loser, Hochanger and Augst See

This area includes all those caves most conveniently reached from the Loser Panoramastraße's Bergrestaurant by walking up past Augst See, or from the Loser Hütte by the direct path onto Loser. It is bounded to the west and northwest by cliffs falling towards Ramsau or Gschwandt Alm, to the northeast by the Greimuth - Atter Kogel - Sommersitz ridge, which separates it from the large closed depression of Bräuning Kunntal, and to the southeast by the path to Egglgrube, below which lies Egglgrubenalm and Scharling Kar.

All the caves are most conveniently approached from the Bergrestaurant or the Loser Hütte. The Augst See is reached in under five minutes from the main car park by following the very obvious, signposted, uphill path. Continuing past the large sink, round the right hand (northeast) side of this lake, a path departs NW onto the lower slopes of Greimuth, and traverses round to reach the main ridge at Loser Fenster - a remarkable window in the narrow summit ridge, through which is an extensive view over Gschwandt Alm and to the further peaks north to the Schönberg. The path continues obvious, over Hochanger, to be joined by a direct (and much steeper) path from the Loser Hütte, just before reaching the summit of Loser, an excellent viewpoint.

The direct path from the Loser Hütte starts as an obvious ascending track from the back of the hut. This is the best approach route for a few of the caves which are at the foot of the south face of Loser, reached by traversing west from this path some 120m above the hut.

Also from the hut, an old path leads NE a little above the toll road, which it meets just after the final hairpin. The road goes below the cliff line of Dimmelwand, where a number of the caves are situated. It is not entirely clear whether all these caves remain accessible since the building of the toll road.

South face of Loser - reached from Loser Hütte path

8Großes Loserloch
9Kleines Loserloch

Ammereich and Höllgraben - below Dimmelwand and the last part of toll road

17Bärenhöhle im Höllgraben
18Gaisofen im Ammerei

Around Augst See

57Höhle unterhalb der Schafkirche
58Höhle unterhalb ab Pauli-Loch

Loser - Hochanger ridge area

55Schachthöhle westlich von Hochanger
64Gr. Durchgangshöhle
67Biwakhöhle am Loser
69Schacht am Gschirr