Tunnocks - Resurvey trip down Tunnocks - 2

Wed 08 Aug 2018


[Editor note: very bad handwriting indeed. Please try harder Max. This is almost useless. The scanned original text is in expofiles/writeups/2018/logbook.pdf if you want to try deciphering it yourself.]

3rd attempt on the penguin fellatio resurvey.Took another 50mof rope & 6mm hangers after not having enough gear last time. And a Monday callout so we had enough time.

Got to the far end with all the shit to realise that we only had 6 hangers due to taking others out last time! Doh! Another failure was just too much so Wook decided to go all the wy back down March of the Penguins, [sqiggle], High & [squiggle] to steal hangers out of the Usual Suspects traverse rigging. Solo speed carry was [squiggle] fun and he took 25 mins there, 20 mins derigging and 30 minutes back.

Max & Ryan got v.cold waiting. Max rigged the pitch whilst Wook and Ryan re-did Pengun Fellatio. Pitch survey [?] was a pain and it wasn't possible to see [squiggle] [squiggle] each other so we [squiggle] a [sqiggle] at top & bottom.

Max did great job of rigging where Wook couldn't reach. Down in Icecockwe joined up survey and went for a look round. Ryan found a scrotty bit not on the survey & got explorationfever so took off SRT [squiggle] to shove himself through & make a loop. So then we had to survey it. Ryan learned a bit about surveying. Decided we couldn't get to the dodgy leg in Frozen North without wire [?] so headed out. Max derigged. Then rerigged MOTP from [squiggle] 32 back to chmaber above spiral around. Rebelay [?] existing points is very time consuming. After a while we couldn't find the [squiggle] & made up out on [squiggle] linking to [squiggle] we could find. Finally staggered out, including the [squiggle][squiggle][squiggle] by 2am.

* Looked up snow slope in Frozen North. Max got up to where there were no more foot[squiggle] ~10m up. Quite [squiggle]. There must be an entrance somewhere.