Tunnocks - testing to Balkonhöhle Connection - Part One

Thu 02 Aug 2018

The initial stage of the trip was navigated quickly and easily by Wookey - having previously surveyed up to starfish junction and being well-acquainted with the system. Beyond the junction we relied on a pixelated survey, some detailed notes, and hand-drawn survey, all of which Wookey had nerded at base camp.

Our journey to March of the Penguins was somewhat "exploratory" as weattempted tofind the correct passage forward. The trip was halted at an unnamed pitch.

Unknown to us at the time the journey across the pitch required a traverse. We had mistakenly rigged the pitch for a descent. Having run out of time we started our return journey with the hope of returning.

Additionally the trip allowed the team to resurvey 6 legs which may have been contributing to the survey error in that branch(?).