Fisch Gesicht - Found Ulysses

Sun 15 Jul 2018

Took photos, Mike and Michael go down to crystal crumble, found stalactites, pretty. Tom bolted coral corner, pretty formations. Traversed round Toto chamber on a false floor to the continuation into conintuation of free attic flys called phreatic becomes meander rift, (bolted) and dind a large opening with left and right junction (very false floor) called odious odium. Taking a right turn along the false floor leads to a vast floor now called Ulysses (after the Frans Ferdinand song Michael was singing). Yet to be dropped due to its very unstable nature. Did some gardening but a lot of work needs doing. Left turn at odium, leads to a true floor, leads to multiple boulder chokes and meander in approximately the direction of Ulysses with short pitches not dropped. More photos on the way out. Michael gets ill. Wees a lot.

lots of pee, very loose, less ice than last year, lots of key-hole passage.

Still to do (by Mike Butcher):

- Drop pitch from entrance chamber to bypass ramp and climb of ice plug pitch = more direct.

- Investigate meander at end of windy tube (?c)

- Possible alternate route opposite pendulum pitch (?c)

- B. Boulavard rope needs changing (40m)

- Leads in Benign Bubble Baby Bypass needs looking into

- Drop 15m at far end of B. Boulavard

- Piss Pot resurveyed

- Survey bottom of liquid luck

- survey after Toto

- Toto traverse line