plateau - Prospecting/visiting known holes near Organhöhle

Wed 11 Jul 2018

Hacked out on the cairned path to Organhöhle to look at some holes found on a 2012 prospecting trip, and see whatever we could find:

  • 2012-dd-06 ("Big-D-Höhle") - apparently surveyed last year, but not in the dataset. Red survey stations visible but unknown how far it has been explored.
  • 2012-dd-08 ("Shark tooth cave", due to popcorn formations that look vaguely likesharks' teeth). A choked 5m round phreatic tube reported as carrying some draught in 2012. Poked around in two holes on the left (which connect) and another at the end without finding any way on. Grade 2 survey completed.
  • 2012-dd-10 - refound and tagged. Worth descending but especially promising.
  • 2018-ad-01 - a ~15m shaft just around corner fom 2012-dd-10 photo'd and tagged; not especially promising.
  • 2012-dd-02 - Tagged on our way home.Reported as draughting/windy in 2012, but doesn't look amazing.