Tunnocks - Rigging trip #2: bottom of String Theory

Wed 12 Jul 2017

After failing to locate any ropes longer than 61m, myself, and Luke headed back to Tunnocks, underground at the more respectable time of 11am rather than 3pm. I fettled the entrance rig a bit on the way in, replacing some ropes and some of Luke’s krabs whilst he rigged Caramel Catharsis. This done, we went to rig the traverse across Usual Susspects, which wasn’t very nice. I missed quite a few of the naturals the first time around, which Luke then found and added in with some red mammut tat - recommend that this is left in on the derig - while I rigged String Theory. This made a relaxing change from the Entrance Series and Usual Susspects traverse. Then on the way out we fettled the Entrance Series a bit more. Still not ideal, but when has it ever been perfect? Icicles still there. Bit dangerous, should probably destroy them in a controlled manner before they chop us or the ropes to bits.