Tue 04 Aug 2015

Olly was keen to finish looking at 2007-71, to see if it provided a useful back-door to 97. I could remember very little from 8 years ago. So we headed over for a reccy with no rope, drill, etc (though I did accidentally carry over our SRT kits).

Cave was better than I had remembered. Low entrance led to walking passage, shortly on the right was a 1m climb down a rifty pitch continuing back (currently undescended). Next to this was another way on, which also leads to a pitch with a passage also continuing beyond (both unvisited). Above here is a small skylight entrance, which I later climbed out of (2007-71b). On leads to a small chamber. We'd looked right in 2007, and it chokes. This time I headed left, mostly crawling with some tighter bits. After a while I could see daylight, so carried on. Sadly i looked a bit tight and I was worried I'd pop out in the wall of a shake hole. So I reversed back and walked round on the surface. turns out that 2007-71c pops out on a ledge part way down the next shake hole SW of 97. In the S corner of the shake hole is a small rift with a voice connection with 97. Surveyed this passage, and i made the through trip

Finally looked at the straight on passage. This is bigger and soon gets to a drop which can be traversed over and the first bit climbed down. Pitch continues (undescended) and passage continues (unvisited, crawling sized). Surveyed out.