Team 2 into Tunnocks

Fri 25 Jul 2014

Turned up hoping that Team 1 would have finished rigging the entrance series, found to be far from the truth. After a bit of umming and ah-ing on the surface, decided to rig past Team 1 to get to the bottom. Ice plug at the bottom was found to be significantly lower than previous years so existing bolts could not be used exclusively in quick & dirty rig. Inherited drill & bolting kit from Team 1 to rig the bottom, a traverse across the ice slope. From here split in two:

  • - Rob stayed on the entrance series, to use the bolting kit to continue the re-bolting of the entrance to avoid the loose floor.
  • - Becka, Neil, and I continued on carrying rope to deeper parts of the cave. Handline found in place at Ribs with Knoedel. Caramel Catharsis rigged then continued through Y KeyKey Beach & Max Pleasure. Back through Dubious Pleasure, where all 3 traverse lines were found in place. Reached String Theory top & deposited 100m rope & brew kit, then buggered off out again, picking up Rob on the way.