Tunnocks – Hedonism Highway/ Rocky Road Area

Sun 11 Aug 2013

We went to check out the draughting pitch (08-40A) off Hedonism Highway/ Rocky Road. Becka had recommended this one and it was a good call. A dodgy natural thread and bolt in dodgy rocky-hang saw Pete descend a p13 via a rebelay. The pitch landed in a typical hading paddage of crawling/stooping height. The passage had a rift in the floor, possibly passable initiall (QMC) but probably to connect with what happened later. Soon we encountered a larger pitch with a continuation visible over the top. Pete set off around some ledges to bolt a traverse to this, but a rift entering at the corner made this difficult. So instead we went down, reaching a boulder/ledge where it was possible to 1) go down further or 2) go up the inlet rift. We did the latter but ran out of rope.