Thin red line

Wed 06 Aug 2008

Rigged from Y-kinki beach over big 'ole. Found last year's last station; Becka scrabbled over the top of Blind and Broken to disto across [can't read] hole hole to close the big loop. Rigged pitch head of 2nd stage of big 'ole (3 pits on overhang over pitch); 1 bolt rebelay ~ 18m. 2 crap spits placed at end of rope. Came back up for more rope and a good wibble. Back down, [can't read] rebelay (1 good spit on line) and another (2 good spits just above overhang on line ~ -32m). Straight down to 1 spit just above next hang on line ~ -45m; 10m to steeply sloping boulder slope with 2-3 sec booming drop below - put 2 spits in to start survey [rigging diagram] On the way up Becka spotted the cut rope where I'd dropped a rock on it, the wibble monster got her (hee-hee). Some day off... T/U 9.5hrs