Naughty naughty then thin red line

Mon 04 Aug 2008

Two trips rolled into one! We wanted to let Thin red line get as dry as possible before heading down so I persuaded Ollie to take a look at Naughty Naughty. The initial squirm probably didn't impress him and then surveying in the howling cold draft led us to a near jack but it gradually got larger, still heading down at a steady 30 degrees. After a few long legs we really thought it was going to break into something... but no, we finally killed it in a small sumpy chamber - deepest point of Tunnocks in 2008! then we slogged back up out, warming up to bearable and I sat on the same sodding ledge for the third trip in a row waiting for thin red line to be rigged... but this time Ollie cracked it and hit the floor, -123m down. We got it surveyed and derigged and dragged ourselves out of the cave T/U 12hrs