Dataloggers and Sandpit pushing (03-39C)

Mon 04 Aug 2008

Took tablet PC and second datalogger down 204e. Serena got sponsorship snaps while I downloaded and relaunched datalogger A in Chocolate Salty Balls which had a full year of temperature data for 3 thermistors (one shagged). Put a second datalogger in crowning glory passage, logging 2 thermistors. Then went to try and find Nial and Eeva in Sand Pit. Couldn't remember exactly which QM they were in, so went past them and explored all of Sand pit. Gave up and found them on the way back. Took drill and rope and went to push 03-38B. It was a small rift which dropped in steps just long enough to need a rope. Still going as a C lead when we decided to turn around. New section called 'I nood noodles' because that better than 'I need needle', the actual verbal slip.