148 - pitch stuff

Thu 09 Aug 2007

Headed into 148 with way too much gear, but not enough crabs or maillons. Got to the [saw?] pitch and the water levels rose considerably making it very nasty & wet. Oh well, at least the rigging will be good in high water ... Olly rigged a backup & bolt to get down the narrow bit then got to a ledge where he rigged a nice Y-hang and went down through a tight bit and then opened up lots to a deviation. This carried on down to a big blackness with sadly no routes to drop down. It was quite [no word here] by this point (especially for the power drill) so we came back up - next time we need to rig it further out I guess. Came out of the cave surveying a poxy side bit on the way. Came out in the dark and clag - reflective markers are ace.