Wed 08 Aug 2007

Got underground 1pm with intention to head south. After ticking off 06-11C and 06-20C, realized our progress was cut short without any rope to descend the p9. Aaron set off to find Andy, Wook & Becka in South Tunnocks to swipe some rope. Find them he did, and returned with more than he bargained for - Big Bertha complete with drill, misc gear & rope. After much to-ing and fro-ing S to N, following objectives accomplished: Surveyed & derigged 2 pitches Duncan had dropped in N off of big chamber (now called 'Secret Squirrel' and 'Fat Rat'). Frank & Pete left to go down hill at this point. Ollie & Aaron rigged p9 in Sauerkraut; could only find one spit in wall & no naturals, so put another in as considered this a tad dodgy. Dropped 06-31A, to be surveyed next trip. Has another pitch and horizontal QMB at bottom & provisionally called the 'Pantin Sales Pitch.' Also bolted pitch into big chamber in N [traverse into Caramel Catharsis] (where Secret Squirrel begins) which had hung off impressive natural but was awkward to mount / dismount, now much better. Pete and Frank out ~7pm? Aaron and Ollie out 12pm.

T/U 7h Pete, Frank