Random leads in Insignificant

Wed 25 Jul 2007

We felt like a short trip so went to try & tick off some annoying QMs in the Insignificant area.

01-3C is clearly too tight.

01-7C went to a short crawl & climb up into a tall passage. This went maybe 10m to a big pitch (probably Pleasuredome). Side passages high & low on the right led to the same pitch.

A window just before the pitch was some more crawls & a steep ramp down to a complex loopy junction. On the right is another big drop (Pleasuredome again?). On the left various tubes lead off. QM C.

New passage is 'Swiss Cheese'.

At this point I gave up in disgust realising that my goal of making the survey easier to draw was clearly hopeless, and we exited via No Pain No Gain (modulo getting lost after turning left instead of right on hitting 110 A Day).