204 - Convenience Series

Mon 23 Jul 2007

We returned to the new stuff we'd found to push it some more. We had cleverly decided to look at the most miserable lead: a narrow rift leading off "Now Wash Your Hands" which needed rigging as a traverse across a hole or down the hole. We got to the pushing front without incident, adding a handline to the climb down to Now Wash Your Hands (how on earth did we ever free climb it?!).

I bolted and rigged a traverse across a hole (now know as Don't Worry Pee Happy) whilst Nial and Kathryn surveyed a miserable QM which went nowhere (actually it carried on - now a QM C - Kathryn). Over the traverse we surveyed round in a loop back to the traverse, passing a QM which needs rigging but almost certainly links in to the bottom of Don't Worry Pee Happy.

Nial rigged Don't Worry Pee Happy, a ~20m pitch. He forgot to take rigging gubbins down the pitch with him so when he realised a rebelay was needed we slid slings, bolts, etc down the rope. There were two ways on at the bottom. The first went down a pit before stopping. The second required reigging and went down a further ~10m down to a miserable looking duck/wet crawl which looked thoroughly uninspiring. We decided not to go through, but Aven tells us that it's only 6-7m away from the Subway level so might be worth another look.