Flooding in England

Sat 21 Jul 2007

Basically I'm working in Scotland so on the Friday I drove from Glasgow to Bristol. However, it was very very wet.

Took 5 hours to get to Manchester then the M6 slowed down to creep speed. I forgot it was the first weekend of the summer holidays so every caravan in the UK was on the move.

Torrential rain so eventually got to south of Birmingham by 6.30 - another 6 hours driving. Continued driving at snails pace however all was not looking good.

By 8.00 the slow lane north of Tewkesbury was 8" deep in water. By 9.30 the fast lane was 6" deep and the slow lane was too deep for lorries. There were cars broken down on the hard shoulder with the water up to their windows.

I was approx 150 cars back from the point where the police closed the M5.

Then the highways agency took over... The rain stopped at 11pm but it took the highways agency another six hours to notice. I was released back onto the motorway at 05.30. Got an hours kip.

Then to start packing - bit of a rush considering I was to pick up Mr Underwood in Reading. However, the railways were closed south of Birmingham.

So at the last possible minute Phil found a train that was going to stansted.

Anyway, it all came together. Packed in 2 hours - drove to Stansted - found Phil and George. Drove to M25-A12 junction found Pete. Got to Dover hour late - no problem. Drove to Austria in 12 hours. MCE.