204 - Slimy Sludge Chute continued

Fri 20 Jul 2007

Having forgotten the misery of my last trip down to the Underworld (cold, mud, tightness, nastiness), I allowed myself to be dragged down there by Djuke. Kathryn had wisely decided to abandon this lead.

The chute itself is steep, tight and horrid. A cold wind blows up it and a wet mud transfers itself all over you. Sharp "popcorn" exists everywhere and has ripped the arse from my oversuit.

Surveying with the Pony I was becoming rapidly fed up, even given some interesting phreatic passage branching off. Eventually we were rewarded for our efforts when the shute tipped into the top of a chamber, The Happy Hippocampus. Some bolting warmed me nicely and I soon dangled onto a boulder floor set in mud slopes. Other passages led in to the chamber ceiling (circa 15m up) and other leads included a boulder choke and a steep mud and boulder climb down. The chamber is around 10m in diameter. We decided to leave further exploration for when we have courage, so beat an exhausting retreat.