204 - Razordance

Wed 18 Jul 2007

We got underground at 9:30 and made rapid progress down to God Loves a Drunk, Mark pausing en-route to swap his radon detectors. Regrouping at GLAD we brewed up a couple of packets of soup and a dehydrated meal to fuel us up for the push.

At 1pm we reached the front and started to rig and survey onwards. Mark wielded the drill, I weilded the pencil and Dour brought up the rear with a shetland attack pony.

Four and a half hours later we had descended five pitches and were looking down a sixth, with no hiltis left and precious few hangers, so we headed out via another very welcome soup at GLAD.

According to the survey data, 204 now has a vertical range of 599.99m.

T/U Duncan 12.5, MarkD 12, Dour 14

Rigging Diagram - 'Battered Scones'