Cairn Cave - 2006-70 (Cairn Cave) and Marilyn Monroe Hoehle

Sun 15 Jul 2007

Jenny was (uncharacteristically) not feeling well so she sat in what little shade there was, while I went underground. First, at Cairn cave I put in a tag spit, then used that plus a thread backup and two protectors to descend. The pitch head is awkward, then bells out to land on a rubble floor with a dirty snowplug. A chink of light enters upslope from a nearby shaft, while downslope the roof lowers and chokes. This is the source of the outward draft noted at the entrance.

Then onto 148- I entered in thermals plus oversuit and drilled and set two spits for the pitch which bypasses the squeeze and climb. Then surface surveyed from 148 to 2006-70.