Top Camp - Djuke's Bedtime Story

Tue 10 Jul 2007

Snow greeted us on a snowy cold, misty damp bivy morning. Most of us (except Aaron - who kept emphasising how great his sleeping bag was) had spent the night shivering away and Nial in his £20 Argos sleeping bag was up at 6.30am preparing the stove and everyone slowly emerged. As was I, unfortunately discovered (after mustering all the courage in me - and counter my instinct - crawling out of my sleeping bag) that I didn't have my furry. Great! :( had left it at base camp in the tent where I'd used it as a pillow. So Aaron and I spent a cold day taking turns rigging the tarps (intermittently taking turns to rewarm our fingers). I was soooo annoyed not to be caving and having to spend my time in the cold bivy - am glad to be back at basecamp - am glad to be back at basecamp in warm hut after having shower :)