More surface stuff

Sat 22 Jul 2006

Mark showed us the way to his new hole, 2006-04. Entrance is a very annoying loose, chossy steep ramp. I knocked in a bolt at the entrance and backed up to a boulder. I abbed down to a point where it steepened and a rebelay was needed. From here it went to a snow slope and a tedious bit.

[sketch of entrance, showing bolt, steep ramp and section where it doesn't hang right]

I just chanced it - the rub was against snow anyway - but it wasn't great. Continued to the end of our 50ish m rope, snow slope still continuing beyond. Aaron came down to the rebelay and we did a couple of legs of survey.

While I was bolting, Mark and the others had been surface wandering further north and found a drafting pitch, 2006-05. (I believe this has not yet been tagged).