204 - Carrying + first push of expo

Wed 19 Jul 2006

Walked up the hill with another tediously heavy load. Arriving at the bivvy, Mark opted to do some surface work + the rest of us went to rig 204e.

While waiting at the base of 204e for Tom+Aaron, I had a ferret in the Qms in the chamber there.

QM 01-12C is too tight; higher level rift has sound of water but would require capping.

QM 01-13C is also too tight, although it required Aaron to tell this - I couldn't get round the first bend, but he did the 2nd and got to a point where no normal person could go on.

Also at the base of the pitch is a low passage not marked on the survey, on the left from the point you land, This goes by a short crawl to a right-hand bend. A short gallery leads to a climb down into a winding rift which goes on underneath Boulder Coaster; the limit of it is a boulder choke at a high level, or a dodgy QMC climb down (probably needing ghastly bolting).