Cave 2004-12 - Finish 2004-12

Wed 04 Aug 2004

Followed draft into the cave, and investigated all obvious + easy leads. Draft was emerging from tight tube at floor level. This was squeezed to a small chamber. Still drafting. Rocks were removed and the way was squeezed to a second small chamber. Still drafting. Brian removed rocks outwards then Julian kicked rocks in to pass another squeeze into a roomier boulder slope. Downslope emerged into walking/stooping sized passage which was quickly by recognised by Julian as Iceland of KH. Found a red paint survey spot from 2003 G entrance resurvey and surveyed out from this. Exited cave and walked back to 204 via cliff. En route back Tony found a horizontal entrance that he investigated: horizontal phreas to T-junction, upslope to choked chamber entrance, downslope to more horizontal phreas bypassing pitch in floor. Tony exited. We went home. Cave tagged 2004-19.