204 - derigging continued

Wed 04 Aug 2004

After the sterling efforts of Olly, Stuart, Martin + Frank the previous day all the rope had made it to the bottom of Pot-U-Like. Newly recovered from a knackered back I was raring to go, but nobody else was very keen. Demonstrating keenness and stupidity in equal measure I set off alone and got lots of rope + sacks up the pitch, dismantling the paella as it arrived.

Of course once 90% of the stuff was up, the very last haul rope got tangled with the SRT line, so I had to go down the pitch to sort it out. At this point Martin + Frank arrived and hauled the rope across the top of You're So Veined while I derigged the short pitch. We rejoined at the bottom of Thread Pitch, hauled up that + derigged it.

From here we managed to paella to the bottom of Jim'll Fix It, then to the bottom of the entrance pitch, then out to the surface.