76 - 76

Sun 18 Jul 2004

Walked back up to the bivvy, and sat around for a while feeling too hot. Eventually got underground with a plan of finishing surveying what we have found. We started at Draught Bitter, and surveyed downwards. I realised how crap surveying pitches was, especially really draughty pitches that twist around lots meaning you can't easily do plumbs. Only once did we both need to be hanging from the same rope for a little while. Got down to the higher rock bridge (the one with the rebelay) before we got cold and un-enthused. Olly went out whilst I swung around looking at possible leads and so I could draw things better. The big snow plug appears to be partly resting on another rock bridge, with an alternative smaller route down behind it. There were also two smallish (~1 or 2m in diameter) aven tube type things going up from behind. I then checked out the small aven with ice near the top of Draught Bitter – this didn't appear to go too far. Once out we surveyed in the 76b entrance. This was less nice as the rocks are very sharp, the roof is a bit loose and there is a little climb in the middle. Definitely not worth using as an entrance when 76a is so much nicer.