Base Camp - Caving song

Tue 13 Jul 2004

Oh, so caving songs get written in the rain, right. Well, plenty of rain here, so let's have some inspiration. There's Duncan's first bit:

When I first came to Cambridge I was only 18
With a fiver in my pocket and my old dangly bag
So I went down the Panton to check out the scene
But I soon ended up as a beardy old lag.

Still Duncan:
When the Mornflake + the Tunnocks bars were stacked in great piles
With the old Expo trailer we would drag them for miles

Then me:
To the arse-end of Austria we carted our load
Knowing free schnapps awaited at the end of the road


[Later on in logbook]

3rd verse
Oh, the chill winds at night through the bivvy would blow
But there were boys at the stone bridge to guide you below
If you didn't fancy caving you could go and get drunk
There was always lots of festering down at old base camp

[Back with original flash of inspiration]

Last verse:
And now I am lying here, I ain't had no booze
I've been pushing and caving, and I'm all sore and bruised
I feel like I'm dying, and I wish I could beg
For a stretcher to carry me to old base camp.