Journey - The Lardmobile's first big trip

Sun 28 Jul 2002

Having spent the previous week finally fettling the wookmobile to run on veg oil, using the system for the drive to Austria was something of a leap of faith, as, for example, only the day before I had melted the float sensor, and I hadn't got round to making the tank level sensor work (amongst other things) requiring guessing how full the tank is.

Supposed to catch a 9.30 ferry & be at the port at 8.30. Left my home at 5.20, a mere 20 mins late for intending to get to Alex's near Colchster at 6. Unfortunately car died en route. Foud that one fo the 3 plastic T-pieces in the plumbing had melted, despite being OK for various trips in the previous week. Swapped bits around to get going again but dropped cap afer bleeding system (aargh!) and wasted more time looking for it. Finally pinched one off a bike tyre and continued. Took ages to get to Colchester and then got a bit lost trying to find Alex's. All this meant it was 7.15 at Alex's (1 1/2 hours late). At this point realized Colchester is no closer to Dover than Cambridge. Net result is we missed the ferry by 15mins - first time I've ever missed an outgoing ferry. Waited until 01.45 (getting some kip) & then nice 2hr kip on board (Norfolk lines -> Dunkirk). Then usual drive across Europe, elivened somewhat by buying loads of lard in supermarkets & pouring it into system (cheapest oil comes in 1 litre pots!) Arrived at Hilde's ~11pm in time for a couple of beers. Bloody Hell - it works! Only problem was a horrible graunching from rear left whieel which is obviously shagged - hopefully it'll make it back to the UK.