Base Camp - Duncan's Tasty Dish Pot. Ht.

Thu 30 Aug 2001

Written down by popular request

  1. Pan
  2. Add slart of oil
  3. Add " soy sauce
  4. Chop 1 onion into little bits + add to pan
  5. Chop 2 cloves garlic into slices + add to pan
  6. Sprinkle into pan stuff like garam masala powder, cardamom seeds, ginger powder, mixed herbs ... other yummy stuff
  7. Nearly forgot the important bit - chop heavy-as-lead bread into small cubes and add to pan
  8. Light stove + start frying, turning contents occasionally
  9. Crack 3 eggs into cup + whisk
  10. Sprinkle into eggs more yummy stuff
  11. Add slart of soy sauce into eggs
  12. When stuff in pan is going a bit crisp and slightly browner, tip egg mix in
  13. If possible, turn the omelette in one piece (ha ha!)
  14. Probably end up just scrunging it around the pan. make sure it cooked through + then eat.
_Rave Reviews!!_ Very yummy indeed. _Mark S_ XLENT Brian