136 - 136

Sun 01 Aug 1999

Returned to finish survey of day before, and look at new leads. Completed survey - most promising lead (trending SE) ends at infilled passage - may be possible to pass with short climb. Otherwise continues along small, narrow, wet 'Darrenesque' crawl. Also investigated passage going in opposite direction (Goo junction) - turns into short, narrow VERY muddy passage, into a squeeze leading to a sump and a very water-filled passage. Not recommended!

T/U: 13½ hrs

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    1999#02 ['notes6', 'notes2', '1999#40deviantalternative', 'notes1', 'LISTING', 'notes4', 'notes5', 'notes3']
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     40 - Go look in Eishöhle
     40 - Eishöhle
     147 - ReExplore and resurvey 147
     204 - Steinbrückenhöhle
     136 - 136