40 - Eishöhle

Sun 01 Aug 1999

[Date guessed at and heading added] _Mark S_ :- Photo trip somewhat abortive due to flash failure (results to be discovered -:) We took a few photos in Schneevulkanhalle and then went down the pitch into the passage which Julian, Becca + Paul had descended around to the left of the chamber (coming down the snow slope). This eventually ended in a "too-hard" ice climb [see survey data] + we went back. Not too hard, drafting well, but ice all too soft, better done on rock or entering from the other direction ? On way back (still in the "oldway" down the pitch) Simon + Mark explored a hole on the left [whilst returning to Schneevulkanhalle] down a small ice slope; this led to a pitch (~15-20m??) with a rusty spit (not of CUCC origin) in place [Pitch not descended]. Out of time => back to SVH