Plateau - Surface wandering

Thu 21 Jul 1994

Andy A went down to Vestabule to find a dropped bit from his carbide so I went for a wander on the plateau, with the intention of looking for some of the laser rangefound points, 0/1 to 0/6. I ended up finding 84, then headed east and a bit north to 107 and 83. which are meant to be by 0/5. Mike Martin's sketch in the 1987 logbook looks something like this: [graphic] Now, 83 is actually on the other side of the gully (assuming north is approx. up page, and it doesn't work at all otherwise*). The whole area to the south of the gully has lots of bunde on it, and there's a fair bit to the north too. I checked all the rock I could get to near the gully and didn't find it. After about 45 minutes I gave up & returned to camp. Maybe a GPS would help, but you could be pretty close and still not spot it. (it's an 8mm spit, possibly with a blue nylon tag or blue paint triangle round it). * I've since noticed that Wolfhöhle is actually approx SSE of 0/5, so MM has shown the gully's upper end as wider than the lower end. I did poke around where this should mean 0/5 would be, but didn't spot it. I'll try to pop back for another look before the end of Expo.