Sat 18 Jul 1992

Combined photo and derig trip. We all went in together, took photos at : Puffball rift; Shell pitch; New Battery Rebelays; Cloud Chamber; NDE. Then Andy and Tony went out and Julian and I began derigging. First we checked the various holes emanating from the hole in Delicate Sound of Thunder. Olly had pushed one of these to a pitch, without his SRT gear on, but we couldn't fit wearing ours and so decided that it was clearly far too tight and ignored it. We derigged NDE, Cloud Chamber and Natural Redundancy, plus the Dry Route parallel to The Chimney. Half the resulting rope we took out and half we left in an utterly knackered tacklesack at the head of Piezo. We also got out all 600m of cable and carried out the drill battery. ANYONE GOING DOWN TO DE-RIG FURTHER WOULD DO WELL TO TAKE DOWN TWO EMPTY TACKLESACKS. The Dark Room has been derigged so the Chimney rope can be pulled up from above. Have fun on the rebelays ! T/U 11½ hrs (Mark M, Julian H)
8½ hrs (Tony, Andy)