Surface survey P4 to 152 via 151, 150

Sat 03 Aug 1985

Survey Team, Mark + Brian Went down 152 to re-rig where necessary and survey out. Chris's pitch was examined and found wanting in most things pitches need - like belays. Two bolts put in, one by Brian put in by 6' 4" back contorted into pitch head, Mark's midget frame inserted one in a few minutes - and it was all the way in. Said farewell to Mike and Gavin grunting and groaning in the rift. Surveyed out in five hours plus took a few photos of the formations and some very nice moonmilk in Boulder Chamber. Surveyed in 40 legs. Time in 8 p.m. 4/8, out 6 a.m. 5/8. Time underground 10 hours. Brian.