team heroes

Sun 28 Jul 1985

Late the same day ! Team heroes. Members - Mike M, Mark, Gavin, Tina, Stef. Time underground 6¾ hours. Found our way to 142 in the dark. Underground @ 11.45 pm (on the night before Gavin's birthday). Objective - SRT practice for us SRT novices, & looking for connections off Big Chamber. No problems getting there - tho' some "frig-rigging" 'cos our ropes were too short. Mike found something, & Gavin and Mark did some messing around - see later. Route back taken at some speed - all found the strain of 24 hrs awake & walk back over dawning plateau NOT appreciated ! Out of cave ~ 6.00. Back at car ~ 7.00 (Mon) Mike M's bit - Explored branch of 142 chamber nearest rest of cave system. Desperate climb up hanging death of loose shattered rock. Approx 50 ft up - ducked under slab approx 40 ft x 5 ft x 15 ft. Intersects cross-rift on more solid rock. Still awkward climbing up to Balcony (higher than pitch takeoff). Passed sandy shelf (Dogger Bank), continue up, then down to Boulder in connection <illegible> 41, 142. See sketch over - to be compared with survey later. NB - high point may be higher than entrance of 41. [ scrappy sketch with lots of annotation - to be scanned ] Upper branch of chamber explored down by Mark & Gavin, a small rift was found at bottom, but tight and no draught. Many spaces through boulder choke. Almost no chance of these leading to an unblocked floor level exit. Possible phreatic level 30 ft up terminal wall - not climbed to. Little chance of worthwhile connection. NB. Boulder choke loose and dodgy. Previous trip (last year)