CUCC Expedition Handbook

On a Matter of Stooling

From a document written by Duncan for the 2001 paper handbook.

Read this. It is important.

You may think that you know how to wipe your own arse, and that you do not therefore need any advice on how to move your bowels on the Loser Plateau. However, following a number of rather unfortunate stool placements in previous years, and the need for Expo to retain its current good relations with the Austrian National Park authorities, the need for some guidelines as to where to have a shit has become apparent. I think a DOs and DON'Ts format is probably best – hopefully much of this will be very obvious to most people.

Also, it should be pointed out that if you choose to use bog roll (as most of us do, although more enterprising expo members have experimented with moss, bunde, and limestone), you should set light to each sheet before you drop it down the grike; there is a cigarette lighter kept with the bog rolls. DON'T drop the lighter down the grike.

Over the last few years a certain grike in thick bushes close to the stone bridge has become canonical. Hence the importance of good aim is redoubled. This now has a loo seat as pictured.

Postscript: We have a not-too-serious set of diagrams on how to achieve correct aim.