2018#42 : 2018-pw-02 : Grade 2 hole

List of trips: expedition/2018 - troggle-processed .svx files and logbook entries on server

Date: 2018-07-25

People: Philip Withnall, Frank Tully, Max Weiser,

Cave Guidebook description - A description is indicated as being needed, so may need adding into this cave page.

Survex file:
  Local:      file:////home/expo/loser/Not specified
 Server:      http://expo.survex.com/survexfile/Not specified

Wallet index for this year
Local location for ::loser:: repo specified on command line is /home/expo/loser.


The plan needs scanning (no planNN.jpg or XXplan.jpg file found)

The elev needs scanning (no elevNN.jpg or XXelev.jpg file found)

The description needs writing

The website is marked as needing updating (using the guidebook description)

Tunnel / Therion drawing files need drawing