Egglgrube and Scharlingkar area

This area lies east of the Bergrestaurant, SE of the main Loser to Bräuning Zinken ridge. Best seen from the summit of Sommersitz, the area is bounded to the SE by the first of a line of cliffs dropping towards Altausseer See and the valley to its NE. This cliff is Scharlingkar, and the pasture above it is Egglgrubenalm.

Following marked path 201 (Stögerweg) from the Bergrestaurant northwest, the start of the area lies below and to the right. Above and to the left initially is the Augst See area. After passing below the small peak of Sommersitz, a signposted junction is met, below a ski-lift. Left here leads over the minor peak of Lackerbichl and on to Bräuning Alm. Continuing on the main path leads to a further signposted junction at Egglgrube, marked on the map. Left again leads to Bräuning Alm, ahead, the path climbs a small scar, leading to the eastern side of Schwarzmooskogel ridge in the Stellerweghöhle area. A little used and barely discernible path leads right, and back SW below the initial approach, past a hut at the bottom of a ski lift to a group of older huts.

An alternative approach starts from just above the (right hand) hairpin of the toll road, dropping down towards the top of Scharlingkar, and then contouring to reach the huts. This is the original path from the Loser Hütte, predating the building of the toll road, which explains its somewhat illogical-seeming point of departure.

Most of the caves listed in this area are very near Egglgrube itself, which seems to have been investigated in the early years of exploration in the area. The area also includes odd caves near or below the path from the Bergrestaurant.

19Gamsofen im Scharlingkar
21Windloch im Egglgrube
24Schachthöhle bei Egglgrubenalm
228Kleine Schnellzughöhle