234 - a–b
Hauchhöhle 3/S/W x


CUCC 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008.

Underground Description


20m rope + 2 slings for ent pitch; 5m handline + 1 or 2 slings for climb down into Flashgun Chamber. More needed for Pie Series and traverse to Sweet Sight.


plan drawn up after 2008 expo:

234 plan survey

(2004 version archived here, or in colour here; 2005 version here; 2006 version here; 2008 tunnel file here)


Form submitted summer 2003 as part of a misnumbering cockup. Resolved 2004-07-28 with allocation of new number 234.

Underground Centre Line

In dataset; download .3d file or Raw survey data

Survex File

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New Entrance