Western slopes of Schwarzmooskogel to the col and down

This is normally approached from the west by crossing the edge of the plateau to the NE of Schwarzmoos Sattel. CUCC's "path" is to the col between Vorderer and Hinterer Schwarzmooskogel, where there is a permanent survey station "vd1". Up the ridge to the left leads to the original 161a entrance, whilst just ahead down a gully lie 161b and 161c.

Photo - 62k    Photo - 52k
Anthony pointing the start from 161c...    ...down the gully towards 161d

Further down the gully, dropping about 100m following a series of cairns, is the route to the 161 "back" entrances. Where the gully starts to choke with pine, an exit left is possible (still with cairns), which leads to an engineered traverse through an area of pine, then a series of scrambles and traverses (unpleasant in the wet) down to an area of recent stone fall in which lies the 161d "Scarface" entrance.
135Schwa Schacht 135
137Schwa Schacht 137
138Schwa Schacht 138
139Schwa Schacht 139
147Schwa Höhle 147
149Plateau Schacht 149
156Schwa Schacht 156
162Schwa Höhle 162
180Schwa Schacht 90/10
187Schwa Schacht 187
191Schwa Schacht 191
192Schwa Schacht 192
193Schwa Schacht 193
199Stürzender Felsbrocken Höhle
201Haftefelle Schacht