1623 / 76 a–b–b
(originally numbered 106)
Eislufthöhle 5/S/E x

Surveys and Rigging Guides

The lower parts of the 1970s surveys are based on measurement of rope lengths and thus probably best categorised as Grade 2. The 2004 resurveyed depth for the taproom agrees closely with the 1970s surveys:

Underground Description

Underground Centre Line

Data for the sections covered so far by the resurvey project begun in 2004 can be downloaded as a .3d file.


CUCC 1977-79,2004-2006


The exploration is written up in many places:

This last item, the only complete write up of 1977-79, appeared in Polish translation, and is published in the English original for the first time here.

Scanned survey notes



New Entrance

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